Micromotor Handpiece

PHP35 and PHP40


Power Pack (Controller)



Compact sized continuously variable speed control. Automatic stop turning on red light with alarming beep sound and resetting when overloaded. Powerful power pack with 110/220V choice switch.


New Micromotor System




Item No. EXP-120: AC120V type
Item No. EXP-230: AC230V type

Controller Feature

Micro Computer Control
The microcomputer is built-in and enables to make smooth operation. This will control the best torque for each motor automatically
Auto Cruise Foot Pedal
It is possible to fix the rotation speed when using the foot pedal and it is not necessary to keep stepping foot pedal
Digital Rotation Display
2 digit display can be used for easy adjustment of rotation speed. Appropriate rotation speed for each tool brings out the best performance.
Error Code
When heating up, overload and defective of motor cord, error code is displayed for each trouble shooting
Self Diagnostic Function
The controller checks the condition of the motor and controller for safety reasons. When heating up, the fan inside the controller start automatically to reduce the temperature
Mode Selection
The controller automatically finds the motor on A or B. It is also possible to use foot pedal only connecting to controller. Operation volume control It sounds beeping when pushing the button, and also when overworks for cautions. It is possible to adjust the sound volume as vol.3, vol.2, vol.1 and none
Load indicator
8 step load indicator allows the operator to see the condition clearly. For a longer lifetime, it will be cautioned for overwork.


เครื่องอัลตราโซนิก เพื่องานละเอียด

UF-0101 with UF-7401 & UF-9701

From rough grinding to ultra-fine Polishing- one set can do them all


  • A single set offer both powerful hard polishing and delicate soft polishing.
  • Ultra-fine polishing through precise amplitude control at 99 levels.
    With an output of up to 100W, the product can power large tool
  • A built-in LCD monitor indicates the status of vibrations and the settings (in addition to error status)
  • Various polishing modes (Hard/Soft) can be selected depending on the work.
  • Even if the tool generates heat during work, the oscillator lowers power output to continue work.
  • The auto power-off function ensures the shutdown of the power.
  • Output information is saved in memory depending on the work
  • A new function “NANO mode” further provides ultra-fine amplitude control

Specifications of UF-0101 (Oscillator)

Frequency 17-31 kHz Automatic feedback
Maximum output 100W
Amplitude adjustment 99 steps
Power supply Single-phase AC100 to 250V 50/60Hz
Electricity consumption 300VA
Outer dimensions 226Wx252Dx180H(mm)
Weight 5.2kg

with UF-7401


UF-7401 This larged sized handpiece is ideal for powerful work, Thick altered layer can be formed at a large mold because of electrostatic discharge. The handpiece quickly removes such layers. Even with a large-sized, wide tool being attached to it, you can carry out stable work.

Specifications of UF-7401 (Handplace)

Tool Attachment screw M6
Cord Length curled cord 1.7m enabling easy detachment
Outer dimension ϕ40x150L (mm)
Weight 350g


1. Diamond abrasive stone (w.60)
2. Diamond abrasive stone (w:20)
3. Tool clamp (flat)
4. New Superstones (flat)

with UF-9701


UF-9701… This light compact handpiece fits the hand and is most suited to delicate work or long hours of work.

Specifications of UF-9701 (Handplace)

Tool Attachment screw M6 (with M6-M4 Adapter)
Cord Length curled cord 1.7m enabling easy detachment
Outer dimension ϕ28×118.5L (mm)
Weight 150g


1. Tool clamp (for-flat /round)
2. New Superstones (flats)
3. New Superstones (round)
4. Diamond files (long)
5. Diamond files
6. Diamond files (cone)
7. diamond stones (flat)

Work finisher



Fine deburring and chamfering for plastic molding, aluminum, copper and brass products.
“No sharp edge” “Very safe knife”

Eco finish

มีดเซรามิคสำหรับลบคม รุ่นประหยัด

Retractable Ceramic Blade Deburring Tool No. EF800 
One-Touch Operation Model

Sharp-off Ceramic Blade Deburring Tool EF1200


  • Space age ceramics make safe deburring possible because of Workfinisher’s unique non-blade like edge. (No sharp edge)
  • Deburrs hard plastics effortlessly withou the fear of cutting your hand or fingers in the process. (very safe knife)
  • Can be used for surface finishing the plastics molding parts, very small, very confined areas, narrow, cocave area or complex portion.

Test Data

DSS30-300  Diamond Instrument

ชุดเจียรเพชรแกน 3 มม.


O.D. 3.0 mm
Max Speed 15,000
Diamond Instrument 30 pcs/per set

New SuperStone

หินขัดซุปเปอร์สโตน เพื่องานละเอียด


New SuperStone offers an improved cutting ability, increased heat resistance, and longer life. Especially, the heat resistance is abt. 45% better than the conventional type. New SuperStone can be used in the ultrasonic polishing machine, electric micro grinder, reciprocating profilers, or by hand use with holder.


  • Incredible strength and flexibility. It will offer excellent polishing ability even under every strenuous condition.
  • Non-clogging. The beautiful polishing results on all types of metals in small and detailed areas.
  • Available in any dimensions in flat/round profiles upon your demand.
  • Available in grit 120 to 1200. Easy to identify by color-coded.


Super Stone Holder

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