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Deeporn Charoen Co., Ltd. is the importer of pneumatic tools and equipment from abroad, such as Japan, United States, Germany, Singapore and Taipei.
Furthermore, The Company is also a manufacturer of TSN coil nails and staples, which they are manufactured under the management of Thai Staples & Nails Co., Ltd., one of Deeporn Charoen’s affiliated company. Deeporn Charoen has been in this journey for over 30 years and is the first coil nails manufacturer in Thailand. Today, The Company became one of the trusted leading distributors of pneumatic tools and equipment who support Thailand’s industrial sectors.

One of the reasons we are trusted are our high-quality products, our service that is focusing on speed, honesty, results and client’s satisfaction. On top of that,

we also provide our client with the genuine advice and lifetime supervision from experienced staffs and engineers, because we are fully aware that every piece of our products will be a part of the end-products in the future.


Deeporn Charoen Co., Ltd.

Deeporn Charoen Co., Ltd. is focusing on import and distribution product, including providing our client with the best of product quality selection from across the globe. Moreover, we are creating a service that offers our client with a lifetime service without charge to assure our product and organization standard.

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Deeporn Charoen Co., Ltd. offers the high-quality product and service provided by team of professionals across Thailand.

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Trust and work that we are proud of throughout the 30 years